Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Sonal

Being a British expat looking for my first condo in Toronto, I was overwhelmed with choice and had complete lack of knowledge in the rental market. I reached out to Carrie via a recommendation from a friend, and she is beyond doubt one of the best realtors I have had the pleasure of meeting. Carrie has expert level knowledge, goes above and beyond to advocate for her clients, and made the process of finding and renting a home seamless. Highly recommended and very trustworthy. Thank you for everything you've done for me!

By: Janice Hamilton

Carrie and Ana were my life savers from selling my old house to finding me my new one they were with me every step of the way?? I called them many times in a panic or asking stupid questions but they were always there to calm me down and help me the best that they could! They are kind and caring and amazing at what they do. I also love that they still call to check in on me every so often. With that being said I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy a new house they are a great team and I appreciate them very much??

By: Ailton and Duane

Ana and Carrie's support made all the difference when we were looking for a new Condo. We have already rented two apartments through them. And we received all the assistance we needed, throughout the entire process - from researching the real estate market to finding the ideal apartment and lease agreement. It was impeccable. They were always available to clarify all our questions. We felt confident to sign the contract. Also, they liaise with the landlord very well, with a lot of transparency, being fair to both parties. We strongly recommend Carrie and Ana. They are super competent and qualified agents. We are looking forward to working with them in the near future to buy our first home.

By: Richard and Lynn.Poeltl

We are happy to recommend Carrie and Ana, Realtors for Royal LePage for the high quality and dependable service that they provided to us when they sold our home. .They handled the sale of our house in an efficient and professional manner. They made the task of selling our house, that we had lived in for 52 years, a.stress free.experience. We thank them both very much for their trustworthy.and exceptional service. We believe that they got us the best price possible for our house, certainly beyond. our expectations, and. well above asking price.


Carrie snd Ana are 2 very knowledgeable and trust worthy agents. They have helped us in the past year and a half to find investment properties. They have both bedn patient and accomodating with both of our schedules. In s heartbeat, they would make showings available on the weekends. We truly enjoyed working with both of them. They are professional, smart, and most importantly they are personable. We took our kids to a few showings and they got to know both of them. We're very happy with them and will definitely recommend them to our friends and family.

By: Eduardo & Sandra Wulff

We were referred to Carrie and Ana when we started looking to invest in the real estate market and it has been the best connection we ever made. The relationship between an agent and their clients has to be based in mutual trust in order to succeed, and Carrie and Ana have completely earned our trust. Carrie and Ana took the time to get to know us and to help us define what our goals and needs were as investors. They demonstrated in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the business, market conditions and good opportunities to invest. Carrie and Ana not only helped us obtain our investment property but they also assisted us in screening great tenants for the place. Additionally, Carrie and Ana have developed excellent relationships with other professionals in the business and connected us with excellent financial advisors and legal counsel. We have been very happy to work with Carrie and Ana and we are quite confident recommending them to anyone in need of professional and capable real estate agents.

By: Josh and Laura

Carrie and Ana are an excellent real estate team. During both our search in the Scarborough area for a detached home and selling our condo downtown Toronto, it became very evident that their knowledge of the GTA is unparalleled. Carrie and Ana were able to find us our perfect, affordable dream home, and they were also able to sell our condo very quickly at an excellent price point. During the process, they were both extremely attentive and always available to answer our questions. This is another detail that makes them stand out from the rest. Another thing to note is this was all right in the middle of the pandemic - a testament to their strong work ethic and perseverance. Thanks, Carrie and Ana, we will certainly be going with you again for any real-estate-related needs.

By: Michael Bross

I just recently sold my condo with Carrie & Ana. The whole process from beginning to end was very easy and painless. Being the first home I’ve ever sold, I can tell you I had a lot of questions. I never could have gone through this without Carrie & Ana. They were absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much.

By: Paul and Lorena

We've had the pleasure of working with Carrie and Ana a few times now and each time have been more than happy with the process and results. They're both knowledgeable, professional, great listeners and communicators but most importantly, kind and trustworthy. The real estate world is tough in Toronto, so finding partners that genuinely care and are easy to work with makes all the difference. They always listen to our (ever-changing) needs and work tirelessly to help us achieve our goals. Can't imagine working with anyone else.

By: Arlene Mills

My 19-year-old daughter was encouraged to go condo shopping if she wanted out of Ryerson's residence! The first place she looked at was an open house close. Both Carrie and Ana were present. They both met my daughter and did not discriminate due to her young age. My daughter acquired a couple of business cards for me to get in touch with. I called the following week, and this started a journey and friendship. Within weeks Carrie and Ana found us a Condo in the Massey Tower. To my daughter's delight, we purchased in the upper 50 floors. Ana and Carrie helped with a lawyer, Alex, whom we love, and assisted with an interior designer that did furnishings for a University student. All well done and appreciated. Carrie helped tremendously when Covid hit with checking on the condo.. my luck floor leaks or something would have happened without her! They are a wonderful team, do not discriminate, have wonderful contacts, are very attentive and willing to help! They definitely will get our sale in the near future. If you need anything in terms of real estate, please reach out - you will be treated with priority and attentiveness, you will not go wrong,

By: Catherine R

Carrie and Ana recently helped me buy my first house and sell my condo (in less than two weeks!). They are knowledgeable and client-focused. They worked at all hours answering questions and guiding me through the process. I wouldn’t have appreciated the team approach until I experienced it first-hand. I will highly recommended Carrie and Ana to friends, family and colleagues looking to buy and/or sell. They are highly professional, calm under pressure and experienced (which was helpful in dealing with a less experienced agent on my seller’s side). I am in my new home now and couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to live for many years to come. Thank you, Carrie and Ana, for helping me make my dream of home ownership a reality!

By: Jennifer Brown

Carrie and Ana are absolute gems and wonderful real estate agents! They make you feel comfortable with all decisions you make and take the fear right out of the deal. They make buying, selling and renting so easy. They are always thinking of my best interest and I have used their services on multiple transactions. Carrie is always in constant communication and provides me with all the insight I need to make an informed decision. I can not speak highly enough of her and her team and recommend them for your next real estate deal.

By: Edward

Working with the Carrie & Ana Team has been the best long-term business experience I’ve ever had! As far as I’m concerned, their team is the best example of a win-win business that I’ve seen in a long time. And I have worked with many realtors before them. I must say that the investment properties that I purchased with them are thriving. Both with results and in asset growth. My family and I truly value the wealth of knowledge and the interesting and smart investment properties your team has brought to our attention in order to grow our portfolio. I hope to keep on growing and for many years to come and of course, you are my real estate team of choice. I highly recommend these two. Many blessings to you both.

By: Tiago & Ana Carolina

Carrie and Ana have been so great with us over the years that is really hard to know where to start… they’ve helped us twice finding a place to call home… both under very short and strict timelines… and they delivered! The first time, finding a rental condo in downtown Toronto; the second one, buying our current house in Whitby. They are both very skilled and talented, not only at the negotiation phase, but since the beginning of our journey: their ability to quickly grasp our taste and needs, and use them to not only find suitable candidates, but also to have open conversations about where, how and for how much to buy was truly remarkable. Carrie and Ana are always helpful, patient and responsive – from late night calls to showings over the weekend and holidays, they were always ready to make accommodations to our busy schedules. They’ve been the friendliest of all when comforting us when we lost the “perfect” property on a bidding war, but also the “unfriendly bulldog” when protecting our interests from a not-so-friendly seller agent and his clients. They have our utmost confidence, and we wouldn’t hesitate for a second next time when we need to sell our house and buy a new one. We absolutely recommend them for anyone looking to buy or sell. Thanks Ana and Carrie for all the great work and for such an amazing help and experience. :)

By: Susan and Curtis

When we decided to sell our house in the city and relocate to the north, we turned to Carrie & Ana Real Estate Team for their professional guidance. Not only did they make the trek north with us in order to ensure that we were making a sound decision, they ensured that the transaction was flawless. Following the purchase of our new home, they worked diligently on staging, marketing and selling our house in the city - all during a pandemic. Our house sold quickly, and substantially over asking, which was a a sigh of relief for us. The added pressures and confusion created by the pandemic caused stress levels to hit an all time high, being that our moving date was scheduled for two days after the state of emergency was announced in Toronto. Carrie & Ana were both on call to ensure that the closing of both properties went off without a hitch...which it did. We highly recommend Carrie & Ana Real Estate Team for their professionalism, willingness to go above and beyond, and genuine caring attitudes. They really know what customer service is all about and showed us that during every step in the process.

By: Anonymous

What was supposed to be a simple sale of a small building in downtown Toronto turned into a recent nightmare of huge and expensive proportions, thanks to a tenant who wouldn't budge from his rental unit. Carrie & Ana were patient, kind, tactful, put up with my hysterics and stuck with me for the whole horrible year. They went out of their way to be helpful and encouraging and even got me laughing from time to time. When the tenant finally moved out and the sale completed after a year, we celebrated together (although virtually). And they have, ever since, kept in touch. I couldn't have borne that whole long tedious time without them. My thanks are endless!

By: Lucy and Allie

Carrie and Ana helped us purchase a condo and it was such a pleasure working with them. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. They took the time to understand our needs and honestly answer all our questions . We never felt pressured to purchase and we always felt Carrie and Ana were looking out for our best interests. We really appreciate the amount of time they spent with us in finding the right home for us. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Carrie and Ana to anyone and I look forward to the next time we can work together again. Thank you for helping us find our dream condo.

By: Joanne & Joel

Carrie & Ana were great! They staged our condo and it looked amazing! We got what we advertised for. They were always available and answered any questions we had (and didn't make me feel silly for asking some pretty ridiculous ones). They also found us a wonderful realtor in Dundas where we moved. I recommend Carrie & Ana to any of my Toronto friends looking for a realtor.

By: Nancy And Corrado Sipione

I would like to thank Ana and Carrie. My parents down sized from a home into a Condo. They very knowledgeable of what they do and very friendly. I would recommend them to anyone 100 percent. They go out and beyond to explain everything to you. Thank you very much!!!

By: Karen and James Egan

What do you get when you hire agents like Carrie and Ana? As the song goes, simply the best. Our real estate requirements were complicated - an international move in a short period of time. The market in Toronto was tight with very limited listings in our preferred area. Using their myriad of contacts, area knowledge, expertise and experience, they were able to ascertain our needs and meet them, finding us our new home, in our timelines, and within budget. All this was accomplished with unlimited and constant communication in Canada and abroad, minimal frustration and attention to our needs at all times. And they were there for us after the closing, ensuring a good transition. Carrie and Ana go the extra mile to create the best results in any situation. All in all, an excellent example of client service. Who could possibly ask for more?

By: Brent W. Pearlman, Real Estate Broker

I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Carrie and Ana on a number of real estate projects during the past few years. This real estate team is incredibly committed to their clients' needs and goals, and help their clients get to the finish line in any market condition. These two very successful realtors are extremely knowledgeable, and turn problems into solutions.

By: Catherine & Boulou

Carrie and Ana have been amazing with us. They helped us find a rental unit and then buy our house in Pickering in the most difficult time to buy in GTA! They were very patient with us and understood our frustrations coming from a very different market in Ottawa. The main thing I liked was their responsiveness and their positive attitude even after visiting probably 20 houses and a few bidding wars! What a Team! Thank you for everything.

By: Danny & Tammy

We would like to thank Carrie and Ana for all they have done for us, you are both pros at what you do. They are very knowledgeable, organized, and really care for their clients. Their savvy negotiating skills and smart tactics of acquiring the right fit for their clients is bar none. We would highly recommended them and will not hesitate to acquire their services in the future. Thanks again Carrie and Ana for such a great experience.

By: Eric Presacco

I had the pleasure of working with Carrie and Ana when searching for my first rental property in the city of Toronto. When first starting a search, I was somewhat overwhelmed with trying to assess exactly what I was looking for, and whether or not that would be reasonably within my budget. Within only the first few properties we saw, they were able to take my commentary on what I liked and disliked and find the perfect unit that exceeded all of my expectations. Having only heard of experiences with agents through friends and family, I was worried that my search would be primarily self guided, with my agent being available for showings that I requested. With Carrie and Ana this was never even close to the case! There's a reason I've worked with Carrie and Ana on all real estate considerations since then, and I would highly recommend the same to everyone!

By: Mariana G. Coni

Carrie and Ana are extremely knowledgeable, and will go above and beyond any expectations you may have of a real estate agent.. They know Toronto buildings like the back of their hand and have expertise not only in buying and selling, but also working with rentals. I own a property in Toronto and I know I can trust them to not only find, but also to thoroughly screen tenants that will be a perfect fit for me. They are honest and kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with! Would recommend them 1000%!

By: Trenton Dyck

Carrie and Ana are experts in the Real estate industry. They will answer questions you didn't know you had and work hard to maximize the value from the sale of your home. One of the things I really appreciated when we were selling our home in Mississauga was the availability of our agents--nights, weekends, I think Carrie called me once from the Hospital, talk about dedication!

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!