About Carrie Alexander

Carrie is the consummate sales person. In fact, she has been selling most of her life. With over 17 years of sales experience, Carrie brings peace of mind to all her clients. Carrie is passionate about the needs and goals of home sellers and buyers and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Making an industry leap from a Director of Sales and Marketing in the fast paced world of Hotel Sales to Residential Real Estate, Carrie is thankful to have found great success and what she feels is her natural calling. Carrie brings a unique perspective to marketing, staging and selling properties with her extensive knowledge and background in hospitality marketing and sales. She has a unique passion for real estate and has made a high-level commitment to her real estate education. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys quality time with family and friends, lounging on a great beach in the Caribbean, the sounds of a great music playlist including a little salsa, and spending time with her Yorkshire Terrier, Maya.

About Ana Claudia Sampaio

Ana is a sales person who is passionate about serving you. She has a style that creates a positive environment for everyone involved. Inspired by the pure satisfaction of improving peoples lives, Ana's passion shows in her customer service skills, negotiations and dedication. Her personable and professional character allows Ana to build and maintain solid relationships, which explains why her business grows mostly by referrals and repeat business. As your real estate agent, Ana will handle every aspect of your transaction with the utmost care and attention. Real Estate plain and simple.